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Admin, Balzac & applying to Go Higher. By Anne Saunders

I’ve been mithered a bit or, rather, I feel mithered (just a bit) to write a blog to help with understanding the Go Higher admin processes. Frankly I can’t be bothered, which is why this has taken me so long.  Who really cares about administration except for administrators and even then I’m not so sure even we do most the time.  I feel the hoop-jumping just as much as anyone else.  Whatever course you would like to do, be it a three-day refresher in dog-grooming or a Masters in Astrobiology, you will have completed an application form and your data will have been squirrelled away.

As an administrator I will have checked and rechecked the information you provided to make sure nothing is missed.  That’s the theory, not necessarily the practice I admit, and I’m told Honoré de Balzac would have called me a pygmy (in comparison to the machine) for doing this. Thanks.

September is too late – act now!

Yet.  And there is a yet.  At the beginning of September we get a flurry of interest in Go Higher.  The new academic year gets people thinking about a new start.  At this point though, it’s too late to apply for Go Higher.  Completing an application form much earlier in the year gives you time to think. Think about why you want to do a degree, whether or not you can commit to a year-long part-time access (it’s not an easy option) and if Go Higher is right for you. More importantly, it starts the process of pondering ‘what if’.  ‘What if I can actually do this?’  It is just the first step of what is, I hope, a very successful journey to becoming a graduate of the University of Liverpool.

French writer Honoré de Balzac - thinking...
French writer Honoré de Balzac – thinking…

So, forget wishing and hoping, start filling in your application form. Think and ponder. Where could you be in this time next year? Three years?

Ta dah!  Something off my to-do list. Next.  I wonder if Continuing Education does courses in dog-grooming  …

Find application deadlines and details for entry next September at 


Anne Saunders is the admin backbone of  Go Higher and your first person to talk to to find out more – she looks after all our students and runs the programme (beautifully!).  

Meet Anne and find out more at the University Open Day on Saturday September 27 and October 11th – drop along to ask any questions and pick up an information pack.

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