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Plot your learning journey with Go Higher at Tate Liverpool

Visit Go Higher at the Tate, Albert Dock, Monday Oct 29 – Sunday Nov 04 2018 for

Transits and Transformations: An exploration of learning as a mature student

We are putting the finishing touches to the schedule of activities running at Tate Liverpool when Go Higher takes up residency from Monday 29 October to Sunday 04 November. Our student videos are recorded, student artworks delivered, our banners and postcards have arrived (the right size and no spelling mistakes – phew!) and we are now ready and raring to go.

We have had lots of fun planning events for the week, in the hope that we can encourage as many people as possible to participate. We are really looking forward to hearing the learning stories of people from all kinds of backgrounds, and seeing visitors map their life and learning journeys as part of our artwork wALLstories.

From ‘slightly terrified’ to about to be arts undergrad – by Mark Nuttall

So, we have reached the end of Go Higher 2017- 2018, and quite the journey it’s been! My names Mark and I’m 30. I did well at school to be honest, coming out with decent A Level Grades at 18, but then life and the prospect of earning some money seemed far more appealing to an 18-year-old me than the prospect of 3 more years of study, so I jumped at the first job that was willing to take me on and began the daily grind. After trying my hand at several different jobs over the last 12 years, and not really finding them all that satisfying (and hitting 30 without much to show for it probably played a part too!) I decided to explore the possibility of University.

A SHORT 10-hour course for people LONG out of formal education

Thinking about degree-level study but want to dip your toes in first and find out what it is all about? If so, a new 10-hour course running at the University of Liverpool promises to give you the answers.

‘Aspire to Learn: Skills Builder 1’, runs on 5 Wednesdays, 11am -1pm, June 14-July 12. Enrol online or by phone for just a £5 registration fee.

What Go Highers do over the summer. By Claire Jones

The formal Go Higher programme runs from early September to mid-May with our ‘graduation’ and celebration of success in July.  Most of our students progress on to undergraduate degrees after Go Higher and these start in late September. However, this does not mean that our students leave learning behind for the summer – very far from it…

My Go Higher Story by Michelle Bomba, class of 2014

Go Higher is a fantastic opportunity which gives you the chance to go to University as a mature student through studying different modules such as Philosophy, History, English and a wide variety of other subjects. The door is then opened for you to obtain the credits needed to apply for a University place and study the degree of your choice. So why do Go Higher?

The close of one chapter and the start of another. By Helen Mallinson

Yesterday I handed in my last three assignments for Go Higher, sat my history exam and said farewell to the tutors, mentors and fellow students I have shared the last nine months with. Go Higher is a brilliant course run by the University of Liverpool which allows mature students (anyone from 21 years up) to gain access to university so they can get the degree they’ve always wanted to do. These students come from all kinds of backgrounds and have all sorts of stories to tell about how and why they missed out on university education the first time round.

Philosophy students take to the floor by Claire Jones

Go Higher philosophers have been delivering their individual presentations to the class. This is part of their assessment for Semester Two’s Philosophy module. Our students stood up in front of their peers, with a power point presentation or white board marker in their hands, and proceeded to argue for a variety of philosophical positions. There was a ‘robust’ debate over the ethics of life or death: is it ever justifiable to kill anyone?