Monthly Archives: September 2014

Admin, Balzac & applying to Go Higher. By Anne Saunders

I’ve been mithered a bit or, rather, I feel mithered (just a bit) to write a blog to help with understanding the Go Higher admin processes. Frankly I can’t be bothered, which is why this has taken me so long.  Who really cares about administration except for administrators and even then I’m not so sure even we do most the time.  I feel the hoop-jumping just as much as anyone else.  Whatever course you would like to do, be it a three-day refresher in dog-grooming or a Masters in Astrobiology, you will have completed an application form and your data will have been squirrelled away.

What the class of 2014 did next by Claire Jones

Next week will see this year’s freshers arrive on campus at the University of Liverpool, as at most other university campuses across the UK. Among these will be a considerable number of Go Highers who completed our part-time access programme successfully last summer and who have won for themselves places on a range of undergraduate programmes starting this September.