Monthly Archives: April 2014

Include mature students in the Access to Higher Education debate by Claire Jones

Much of the discussion about widening participation in higher education is couched in terms of school leavers. Of course, enabling disadvantaged or excluded teenagers to access University is vitally important, and something that the University of Liverpool puts at the heart of its recruitment strategy. Mature students, however, are mostly peripheral to the national debate and rarely make the news in headlines of the ‘Unfair University Admissions’ or calls to ‘favour state schools’ variety.  Indeed, could they be called the students that Widening Participation forgot…?

Philosophy students take to the floor by Claire Jones

Go Higher philosophers have been delivering their individual presentations to the class. This is part of their assessment for Semester Two’s Philosophy module. Our students stood up in front of their peers, with a power point presentation or white board marker in their hands, and proceeded to argue for a variety of philosophical positions. There was a ‘robust’ debate over the ethics of life or death: is it ever justifiable to kill anyone?