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On campus and online: life as a student on Go Higher by Claire Jones


Since our students are only on campus for one day on a Wednesday, on Go Higher we use a range of strategies to support them during the rest of the week when they may be working, at home looking after a family or doing other things. In this way, we can provide teaching and contact to help students complete any research and assignments they need to complete for class. One of our most vital tools is VITAL – The University’s online platform for learning (view one of our online lectures below).

Nerves, trepidation & expectation: students’ reflections on their first day on Go Higher


Starting something new nearly always prompts anxious feelings; however returning to study after a long time away from education is probably more daunting than most. We asked some past Go Higher access students, now all half way through their degree at the University of Liverpool, how they remembered their first day with us:

From Lightning to a Scholarship in a Flash by Bernadette McBride

Bernadette and her daughter on campus

It only seems like yesterday that I was heading to the Go Higher department of the University of Liverpool for the first time, to be interviewed for a place on their fast-track humanities based access course. My journey and preparation for the interview was blighted by my train station having been struck by lightning resulting in me being several hours late (a likely story) but true. A panicked phone call to Go Higher’s trusty administrator Anne and some serious public transport navigation later, I arrived at my destination.

What the class of 2014 did next by Claire Jones


Next week will see this year’s freshers arrive on campus at the University of Liverpool, as at most other university campuses across the UK. Among these will be a considerable number of Go Highers who completed our part-time access programme successfully last summer and who have won for themselves places on a range of undergraduate programmes starting this September.

Building confidence in learning is VITAL by Carol Brown


I and a teaching colleague recently attended the University’s Learning and Teaching Conference 2014 to share some of the methods we use on the Go Higher programme. The weekly Knowledge Reviews which feature on our social science modules prompted interesting debate and underlined the value of blended learning (combining online and face-to-face tuition).

My Go Higher Story by Michelle Bomba, class of 2014


Go Higher is a fantastic opportunity which gives you the chance to go to University as a mature student through studying different modules such as Philosophy, History, English and a wide variety of other subjects. The door is then opened for you to obtain the credits needed to apply for a University place and study the degree of your choice. So why do Go Higher?

The close of one chapter and the start of another. By Helen Mallinson

John Armstrong, 'The Open Door' (1930);

Yesterday I handed in my last three assignments for Go Higher, sat my history exam and said farewell to the tutors, mentors and fellow students I have shared the last nine months with. Go Higher is a brilliant course run by the University of Liverpool which allows mature students (anyone from 21 years up) to gain access to university so they can get the degree they’ve always wanted to do. These students come from all kinds of backgrounds and have all sorts of stories to tell about how and why they missed out on university education the first time round.

Does age matter? By Claire Jones


Chief of UCAS (the organisation that manages applications to UK universities) has caused a bit of a stir this week by saying that university is sometimes ‘wasted’ on the young as teenagers often choose the wrong degree courses and may ‘sleepwalk’ into an undergraduate programme. Mary Curnock Cook, as reported in the Daily Telegraph, urged school leavers to defer a degree until they were in their 20s or 30s to ensure they made the right decision. But is that the only reason why it is an advantage to go to University as a mature student?

Ex-Go Highers elected to committee of new Mature Students’ Society by Nick Hobbs


I was fortunate to be part of the 2012 Go Higher cohort of students, where I met a number of mature students who, like me, took that difficult and daunting decision to take the first steps at studying at a higher level.  This first meeting took place at 126 Mount Pleasant (see picture in blog below). During my studies on Go Higher I forged some good friendships with a number of students, of which many I am still friends with and meet on a regular basis.

Philosophy students take to the floor by Claire Jones

Simone de Beauvoir

Go Higher philosophers have been delivering their individual presentations to the class. This is part of their assessment for Semester Two’s Philosophy module. Our students stood up in front of their peers, with a power point presentation or white board marker in their hands, and proceeded to argue for a variety of philosophical positions. There was a ‘robust’ debate over the ethics of life or death: is it ever justifiable to kill anyone?